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Making a decision can be daunting without the necessary information. In case your questions remain unanswered, please feel free to contact us.

Do students have to share computers? 

Students have their separate computers when they attend in-class lectures. As all the courses consist more of practical training than theoretical, we believe it’s best to let every student grow at his/her own pace.

Can I bring my laptop to study? 

Yes, the students can bring their laptop to study if they are attending in-class lectures. In online classes, we have a personalized platform where we offer one on one training to make sure we provide quality education as well as secure the privacy of the students.

Can I change my schedule in the middle of the course? 

Yes. We provide complete flexibility to our students when it comes to scheduling date and time for the course. Students get to decide when and at what time they are available to attend the classes. They can also adjust the schedule anytime during the course after providing prior notice.

Are any internship or job opportunities offered after the course? 

We are a skill development institute. We focus mainly on educating the students with our skill-specific courses. Every student is welcome to seek guidance and support whether for a project or career decision, even after the course completion.  

Can I pay for the courses online? 

Yes, you can pay for the courses online through any online payment portal mentioned on our website.

Are there any trial classes available? 

If you would like to attend classes on a trial basis you can attend online classes for the first two days on trial. At this time, there are no trial classes available for in-class lectures.

What is the fee payment procedure? 

If we talk about the offline payment procedure, after filing the registration form the student has to pay Rs 2000 out of the fee on the first day of attending classes. The rest of the fee is to be paid 3 days later.

Is there a time limit set for every course? 

There is an approximate time mentioned for every course but our courses are not bound to that limit. The time it takes to complete a course depends on the grasping power and satisfaction of a student. We do not proceed further with the course until the student is clear about the topic he/she is learning. Hence, you can complete the course before the approximate time or after that. The resources will be available even after the course is expired.

What are the requirements to join a course? 

Courses have different levels, courses with beginner level do not require anything prior to the start of the course. These courses are handcrafted to help you learn everything from scratch. Our experts are always available to reach out in need. We recommend starting a course that matches your experience or interests.

Can I take multiple courses at the same time? 

Yes, you can take multiple courses at the same time. The time needed to complete every course depends on your ability to learn. Hence, if you think you will be able to manage two or more courses at the same time you are free to register.

Do you take computer classes for school students? 

Yes. Along with the IT and digital courses, we also teach computer syllabus to school students of 6th to 12 std. We have a dedicated lab & faculty for the school students who want to learn the school curriculum for computer subject. For now, students of CBSE and ICSE boards can join compusoft.

Are there any exams to attain the certificate? 

No, you don’t need to give exams to attain a certificate for any course. However, we have home assignments and topic-specific assignments to measure the growth of our students. They have to complete a project as well at the end of the course to get the certificate.

Are there any extra classes for revision?

At Compusoft, our teaching method is unique. We maintain a detailed chart of the student’s development in the course. Both the student and the teacher signs on the chart noting the completion of a topic. The teacher signs it only if the student is completely satisfied with that topic. Even after that, if the students have any query or doubts regarding a topic, we are always available to solve their problems.  

COVID 19 Restrictions
If I am unable to attend classes for a certain period due to an emergency, can I resume back? 

We are all trying to adjust our lives around the uncertainty of this pandemic. Given a reasonable explanation before the break from your attendance, you can resume back whenever you can.

When can I join in-class lectures? 

Keeping in mind the safety of our students and faculty, we are focusing on educating the students through our personalized online platform. We cannot put the health of our students in danger so we encourage you to join the online classes. We will resume the in-class lectures once the pandemic is over and we all get vaccinated.

About Comp
Any other branches in Surat or another city? 

At this moment, Compusoft functions at only one location in Surat. We are located on 215-216, Times Square, B/H Sangini Arise, opp. Money arcade, Canal Road, Vesu, Surat- 395007.

What is Compusoft known for? 

Compusoft is an educational institution offering various IT, software and digital courses. We are located in Surat, Gujarat. Compusoft is well known for its programming, CAD and graphic designing courses.

How do I obtain the certificate? 

After you submit your final project, we provide you with a digital certificate for completing the course successfully. You can mention the certificate in your resume and during interviews. Companies can verify your certificate easily on our website with your distinct certificate number.

How do I register for a course? 

You can register for the course offline by visiting our institute and filling in the required details. You can also register for the course online through our website. You will get a detailed PDF of the course syllabus before joining.

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Covid 19 Restrictions

About Compusoft

Our students have a lot to say

Learning AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp from Compusoft was crucial to supplement my college degree in interior design. I learnt things about 3d modelling I didn’t know existed and that put me ahead of my peers and helped me top my class.

Anjali kapadia

Interior designing student

I will always be thankful to compusoft. I have been a student to Vishnu sir and Mahesh Sir since 2012. I learnt photoshop, coreldraw, and video-editing. Even after 9 years I still go through all the amazing knowledge that I have gained at this institute.

Dhaval khanna

CEO, The Media Architects

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